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Who We Are

LIBERTARIANS believe in the supremacy of the Sovern Adult Individual in their own lives.  Individuals are persons with rights.  First among these are the right to live your life as YOU see fit, while respecting the equal rights of others to do the same.  It is YOUR life; YOU own and control that 100%. 

LIBERTARIANS believe in the Free Market.  We believe that all economic transactions (barring restitution for crimes, fraud, or damage) should be voluntary, and all involved parties should have a complete understanding of the terms of all transactions.  We believe that unless specifically invited to participate by all parties, government, at any level, is an uninvolved party. 

LIBERTARIANS believe that an individual has the right to defend their lives and justly acquired property from assault.  The right to not be murdered is fundamental to human existence.  The right to private property to derivative of this right as people exchange their time and labor (portions of their life) for their property and for their survival.  If your life or property is threatened, you have the right to use whatever means you in the moment deem necessary to defend them.  As firearms are currently the most effective means of defense, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as protected in the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution is a fundamental and necessary right.  We therefore reject limitations and abridgements on the right to Keep and Bear Arms.

LIBERTARIANS believe that only those actions which are and initiation of force, fraud or cause actual damage to persons or property are actual crimes.  There is no need to limit the voluntary consensual activities of fully informed adults.  The corresponding responsibility is that of personal responsibility.  As an adult you have the right to be free from force, fraud, and damage; concurrently you are responsible to make whole those persons you damage through your actions (restitution). 

LIBERTARIANS believe that free independent adults are entitled to live their lives as they see fit.  To worship however they believe.  To become spouses or partners with whomever they willingly contract with and who willingly contract with them. 

LIBERTARIANS believe that free independent adults may ingest, inject, or otherwise consume whatever substances they willingly and with informed consent choose to.  We only recommend that you consult with your medical practitioner, advisor, consultant, or doctor. 

LIBERTARIANS believe that free independent adults may engage with whatever medical services they can afford and with informed consent choose as they are in control of their lives and their bodies. 

LIBERTARIANS believe that the most sacred and important responsibility of any person is the decision to have and to raise children.  Parents have the ultimate responsibility to use their best efforts and best judgement to guide, educate and to bring their children to the state of being a competent adult.  A competent adult is one that can live and flourish in the world by their own action.  A competent adult protects their own rights and respects the equal rights of others.  Parents are responsible for their success in child rearing and responsible if their failures. 

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